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Online video up. Broadcasters left with Broken Heart.

The world of advertising is accelerating its shift to the web. Consider this: While broadcast TV’s share of total ad spending in the U.S. is down from 20.6% in 1996 to 16.2% in 2007, online video traffic is spiking. Extrapolate the trend, and marketers can see now is the time to begin testing — and learning results from — online video ads.

Most recently, YouTube’s traffic is snowballing. In November, 138 million U.S. residents — three-quarters of the online population — watched an average of 3 hours and 15 minutes of online video. The 74 million people who hit YouTube watch about one video segment a day.

NYT points out that the top 10 web video sites accounted for less than half of all online video, proving the fragmentation is spreading. The sheer complexity of online web outlets, and multiple video advertising formats, requires testing now if marketers want to weather the broadcast shift ahead.

P.S. That’s Alex DePue with Yes/Michael Jackson inspiration on the violin.

Oprah’s move to YouTube signals seismic ad shift

Oprah found a new home today. Harpo Productions announced the launch of the Oprah Channel on YouTube, with special content such as Tom Cruise jumping in the green room and interviews with “The Evolution of Dance” guy.

For marketers, this may be the final impetus to move ad dollars away from traditional broadcast to online video formats. Some analysts have remained skeptical, pointing out that about three-quarters of political advertising in 2008, or $2.5 billion, will be spent on old-school TV. But consider the facts: DVR sales are rising to nearly 20% market penetration, and as Broadcasting & Cable reports, most major primetime shows are now posted online for free. The cable networks are scared silly about where all these consumer eyeballs are headed …

Vince Manze, NBC president of program planning scheduling and strategy, also says he is not taking audiences returning at the same levels for granted. “Overall, I think we all would be happy with flat,” he says. “That’s a victory these days.”

The real reason online video rocks is it now unlocks marketing opportunities you can’t find in the living-room black box. It’s mobile — YouTube is on iPhones. It is international — YouTube has customized formats for 14 nations outside the U.S. And it costs almost nothing, but a prayer, to hope your message goes viral, gets posted on other sites, and reaches hundreds of millions of consumers. Imagine the conversation in your Marketing department if media buyers promised you 100 GRPs on a cable network, with the chance to go exponentially to 10,000 GRPs if only your idea is clever enough. Who wouldn’t be tempted?

Now, Oprah has a TV channel online. Where she goes, ad dollars will follow.

Tip of the hat to Keira Knightley

True story: Last night a woman we know ripped this ad out of Oprah magazine, saying she found it offensive. Geez. One wonders what the marketers of Chanel parfum were thinking by dressing Keira Knightley of Pirates Caribbean fame in only a top hat and lap drape. Men so inclined will certainly notice Keira more than the perfume. Women so inclined will turn the page, thinking, oh, how obvious. How does sex sell in this situation?

Chanel announced back in April 2006 that Ms. Knightley would succeed Kate Moss as the new face of its Coco Mademoiselle fragrance. Coco Mademoiselle. Pop quiz, guys looking at the above photo. What was that product name again?