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Commercials as content

Firebrand launches on Oct. 22, trying to make commercials as cool as MTV was back in the day by offering “commercial jockeys” playing the hippest ads after 11 p.m. on ION. Pop culture fans will also find Firebrand at its web site, or with downloads from iTunes.

The economics are also cool. Firebrand targets Gen Y-ers/Millennials who account for $200 billion in consumer spending each year, and about 40% of online purchases. This audience is spending less time with mass media, so Firebrand will reach them via late-night cable and internet and mobile and, they hope, twentysomethings passing the cool commercials on to all of their friends. The launch plan includes outreach to influential bloggers, who are now either writing up the business model or praising the press junket.

It’s a new point of entry for making your message go viral. Question is — is your ad cool enough?