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Podcast: Riffs on the Last Advertising Agency on Earth

(Play me.)

Last night we were lucky to debate the future of advertising, iPad vs. the TV, and whether you still want to shop at Circuit City with Christian Borges of Deep Focus, Bill Green of Make the Logo Bigger, Åsk Wäppling of, and the melodious Bob Knorpp. To listen in, click the play button above. If you don’t listen to The BeanCast every week, you’re missing the best marketing podcast out there.

Um, Microsoft, we hope that isn’t the babysitter

If you dig hearing people argue about the future of advertising you might like this week’s BeanCast podcast. We joined in the debate Sunday night with marketing gurus Bob Knorpp, the host; Joseph Jaffe of Crayon; Edward Boches of Mullen; and James P. Othmer, author of Adland. One key question that emerged was if advertising, including direct marketing, is really an “impression currency” that is being devalued as consumers learn to share their own content, how can marketers possibly make advertising work?

We think it comes down to three choices: Marketers can try to improve targeting (with sharper media buying and ad performance measurement); they can try to improve relevance (with product attributes, design, or creative that tell real stories vital to real people’s lives); or they can increase shock value.

The shock option explains why users of Microsoft Office will have hot dates with women who put their hands in your lap.

Our Sunday night podcast on Twitter, Burger King, and why we love Memphis

Last night four of us marketing types jumped on a Skype conference call to trounce the advertising news of last week. You can listen to our debate here:

– Is Twitter still overvalued as a marketing tool? Or has the microblogging service become the ultimate form of citizen journalism and market research?
– When Burger King killed 20,000 Facebook friends, what did Facebook know and when did it know it?
– Does Circuit City closing down signal darker days for all advertisers, or just that U.S. consumers are choking on homes filled with electronics?

The only thing we agreed on is if you are a major advertising executive, do NOT diss your client’s hometown via a Twitter message to the entire world. Thanks to Bill Green of Make the Logo Bigger, John Wall of Marketing Over Coffee, and Bob Knorpp of the BeanCast for a fascinating debate. Knorpp is the guy with a velvety voice, or as we suspect, just the most expensive computer mike.