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Adidas whacks Nike with a lightsaber

“What the hell?” you think, watching TIE fighters zoom over Snoop Dogg and David Beckham with an urban backbeat. And then it clicks: Adidas is moving in on Nike one sports demo at a time. In January 2006 it bought Reebok, bringing total athletic shoe sales to No. 2 in the world. In April the same year it won an 11-year deal to be the official sponsor of the National Basketball Association. Adidas is all over Major League Soccer, in 2007 it announced a move into lacrosse, and it recently began stuffing computer chips and kangaroo leather into its highest-end shoes seeking halo differentiation. It now has little kids covered with a Disney tie-in. So, how to get more attention?

Star Wars! Um … Star Wars? Adidas’ new Darth Vadar mask seems curious, since the last Star Wars film was released in May 2005, until you realize it’s a smart tactic for infusing Adidas’ brand with a meme we all love. What better brand to jack up Adidas adrenaline than a big-bold outer space dream filled with fight scenes? And since nothing happens with Star Wars without George Lucas’s approval, it also makes you wonder … is more to come from the franchise, perhaps the 3-D film versions Lucas hinted about back in 2005? Is Adidas an early blip on the Luke Skywalker master marketing calendar?

Adidas’ current marketing slogan is “Impossible is Nothing.” That’s not as catchy as Nike’s old “Just Do It,” but as far as catching Nike, Adidas has $15.2 billion in sales vs. Nike’s $19.1 billion. Maybe nothing is impossible.

Via @chicalibre and AdRants.

Crowdsourcing Star Wars

Casy Pugh wants to refilm Star Wars (perhaps to prove it can be done better than the last three overwrought prequels). So he’s crowdsourcing the effort, inviting people to download 473 separate 15-second clips of the movie and redo them. When done, Casey will reassemble the clips for a result Coolhunting’s Mike Frank predicts will be hilarious.

It’s all a fun experiment, but you can imagine a world in which some network outsources a complex film production to hundreds of talented amateurs. With the right incentive and competition, beauty might happen.

Yoda and Anakin and Obi Wan, oh my

George Lucas says he’s filming another 100 episodes of the Star Wars saga for television, a new twist on “Clone Wars” to air fall 2008. Somewhere on HBO or another prime network, perhaps. Alas, our 1977 crush on Princess Leia is fading fast. Anyone thinking media is not over-fragmenting … please pass the Excedrin.

But wait. Stop thinking like a Year 2007 marketer. Sure, no one could stomach 100 new feature-length films with lightsabers, but in the new world of iDevices and YouTube, consumers with short attention spans may want to download 100 snippets of space. Serialized content could be king. Soon CGI may get so good you can pick your own ending, or better yet, insert your avatar and finally get that date with Leia.

It all makes sense. The Force, it seems, will ALWAYS be with you.