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Smashing guitars on the tarmac? United, call Radian6.

Here’s one more reason why your business should monitor social media. Musician Dave Carroll watched in horror from his plane window while luggage guys on the tarmac broke his $3,500 guitar. So he posted a musical to YouTube yesterday spilling the beans on United; the video already has 15,000 views and is trending fast. The most interesting stat: the YouTube video has spawned 950 comments, most with similar angry stories about airlines customer service. As Darryl Ohrt notes, this is not the kind of viral any business plans for.

Sojern puts ads on airline tickets

U.S. airlines’ fuel bills will soar $20 billion dollars this year and they’re passing costs on to travelers every which way. So let’s all thank Sojern, a clever company, for opening a new frontier of advertising on boarding passes.

This is such a no-brainer we’re surprised no one has thought of it before. About 250 million boarding passes are printed from computers each year, and until now have been blank slates. Sojern’s ads appear both on the computer screen (where consumers can click through) and in printed form, and include updated weather and timely coupons to minimize the grousing from fliers who may not like advertising clutter.

And the target demo is sweet. On Delta, for example, 64% of fliers have household incomes above $75,000, 62% are working professionals, and about 20% are executives. We see affluence, flying your way.

Via Adbroad.