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Why we’ll miss Dos Equis’ dos demos

In summer 2007 Euro RSCG/New York launched the most original beer spots we’ve seen in a decade: “The Most Interesting Man in the World” for Dos Equis. Now the spots are likely nearing the end of their flight, which would be sad, since they brilliantly resonate among two very different demos.

The protagonist is a Hemingwayesque man of all men, shown in flashbacks as a thirtysomething with black beard benchpressing women in short skirts or waking up a party simply by walking into it. The spots flash-forward to present, with the older, wiser, silvered father figure saying he doesn’t always drink beer, “but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis.”

We admit, the commercials stir something in us, which shows how easy it is for any guy to slip into the target demos. Thirty- and forty-something men aspiring for something more exotic or senior men in retirement longing for a bit of adventure can all see something uplifting here. Sure, it’s just a beer. But who doesn’t want to be questioned by the police just because they find you interesting?

Coors reminds you, use a wide mouth

Thanks to the ailing economy you now can drink beer faster.

Let us explain. Imported wine prices are up 10% in the UK and expected to rise in the States, due to high oil prices and a crumbling dollar, creating a sweet opening for domestic brewers. Coors Light has made aggressive strides in the past two years to return to its advertising “mountain” roots, leaving blondes in bikinis and the Freudian Silver Bullet train behind. Sales in the past 12 months are up 8 percent.

To build momentum, Coors is pushing its product packaging into look-at-me territory. Colored ink in labels turns blue when the temperature is just so. And if you’ve ever worried that your beer can did not provide a “smooth pour,” rest easy, because Coors Light now comes in “vented wide mouth cans” that use a trick of air to unbubble the beer flow. The billboards proclaiming this are damn ugly, and damn noticeable.

It’s all good for Coors. Finally, something to ease the pain of the SUV depreciating in our driveway.

Photo: Richard Kelland