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The sweet, rotten ad copy of early Apple

Andy at the Million Monkeys blog has dug up some good stuff lately. Like this unbelievably cluttered early Apple ad. Worth a zoom in to see how marketers pitched the first personal computers. This just in: email! And stock quotes!

What’s interesting is how in the early ads, features and benefits ruled. You can do this new thing with a computer. And then novelty wore off, so manufacturers touted product comparisons. Remember all those increasing numbers about Intel chip speed? Now that computers have become a commodity, and we know what to do with them, the emphasis has refocused on design. Glass. Aluminum. Touchscreens. We can’t really type faster, so now we just want to look cooler doing it.

You’re now reading at a high school level

Rate your web site’s reading level here. This blog is rated at “high school,” which we found embarrassing until we realized The New Yorker’s site scores at junior high.

Which brings up copy: Good writing is vigorous and concise. So college students, walk away from professors who mislead you with pedantic, erudite prose of obfuscating postulates. They are not perspicacious, and readers find aerated academic exegesis nettlesome.

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