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Finally: PNC Bank reinvents the boring checkbook

Ah, to be 20something again and not know a damn thing about managing money. We’ve all been there, yet remarkably few banks have done anything to help teens and Gen Y learn how to control cash.

PNC Bank steps into the void by rebranding the basics of finance. Screw the bank statement — PNC’s Virtual Wallet recasts checking and savings accounts into a simple “money bar.” The service creates three types of accounts: scheduled out, money you have to set aside for bills; free, money you get to play with; and reserve, money you may want to save for a car or house someday.

The service is loaded with intuitive features that we wish we had at age 22. A calendar forecasts how much money you’ll have in the future when your next paycheck clears; reminders give you a nudge, like Mom, that it’s time to pay a bill. Why don’t other banks do this?

If you know anyone young and carefree who keeps their waitress tips in a ceramic jar, PNC’s rebranding of banking offers more than spin — it’s a clear, refreshing way to learn to get control of your finances.

Photo: Kuayvista