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Inside a Boy: How technology sets creative free

About a week ago a young boy picked up our video camera. We found it two hours later filled with digital footage of Lego characters in the basement having a Star Wars battle and, scanning the clips, realized it wasn’t bad.

We thought of that as we stumbled across the above animation from the band My Brightest Diamond. Technology has democratized creative. Sure, professional designers often get bent out of shape by amateurs dabbling in Quark or Photoshop to create substandard layouts or logos, but it’s still a powerful progression that enables millions with talent to create what used to take a team of Walt Disney animators. My Brightest Diamond is led by Shara Worden, daughter of a classical organist and national accordion champion who recorded her first song at age 3. We weren’t able to find out with whom or how she created this animated music video, but we dig the vibe. Perfect for those of us trying to escape recession on a Black Friday.

Clip My Brightest Diamond – Inside a Boy, via One Plus Infinity.