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How much is that doggy in the interactive window?

Speaking of digital signs, here’s a sweet interactive display by Australian shop WhyBin\TBWA\Tequila for Pedigree. Passersby can ask the dog to lick the screen, play ball, or perform other tricks. Imagine the future where you can play CNN Magic Wall with paint chips, carpet options, or men’s suits before you bother to actually touch any products. If only we had a digital screen to help us match socks at 6 a.m. on dark winter mornings.

Via AdRants.

Digital signs: Influencing you in the last 3 feet

Attention impulse shoppers: One of the few bright spots in the ad industry is now digital out of home (OOH), which covers everything from giant glowing billboards over the interstate to digital signs above store cash registers. Digital OOH spending was up 24% in 2007 and is tracking to 11.2% growth in 2008. Patrick Quinn, chief of PQ Media, recently told Mediaweek that digital signage should fare better in the economic downturn than other media channels.

Why? Fragmentation of traditional media makes breaking through on TV, radio or print problematic. Digital signage at the point of purchase is unavoidable, and can influence consumers in “the last 3 feet” before they reach for their wallets. A recent study by Point of Purchase Advertising International found that 70% of all buying decisions are made in the store and 43% of consumers can be influenced at point of purchase.

Of course, if you believe everything a point of purchase advocacy group says about point of purchase advertising, you’ll probably be influenced by signs at the cash register, too.