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Genesis and the scary durability of communications

Look, we love Peter Gabriel, but this old video of him and Phil Collins playing Genesis makes us cringe. Probably makes them wince, too. Which brings up the fact that anything you type today, or any video clip of you, will now live forever. This wasn’t always true. FoxNews, for example, today went after Barack Obama about when he began dealings with the ACORN Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. Fox claimed a relationship back in 1992, instead of the 1995 Obama cited. Don’t know why this tidbit has any importance, but it shows how old facts are often disputed.

No more, mates. Imagine your son or daughter running for President in the year 2048. Everything they’ve ever touched is recorded, for instant recall, on the internet — high school parties, college pranks, that crazy blog with opinions about advertising (um, whoops). It will be an interesting future when none of us can escape our past. Our advice: Don’t play the flute, avoid cameras, and get a good haircut.

Via Bad Banana.