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Samsung’s infinity screen: Maybe Ned Ludd had a point

This week it finally ended. No, not the battle between Hillary and Obama; just visual reality.

The image above is the latest tech toy profiled in Engadget: a Samsung 46-inch High Bright panel that has three unusual features: (1) it’s three times brighter than current LCD screens, (2) it’s so bright it’s visible outdoors, and (3) it was designed to be tiled — stacked side by side with invisible edges between the screens.

Get it? Suddenly people can build ultra-bright, ultra-high-res video walls of infinite height and width, laying visual bricks for walls or ceilings or sides of buildings with images brighter and more clear than reality. The costs to do this will be prohibitive in the next year or two, but soon, probably starting in Dubai and working back to the U.S. through Vegas, you won’t believe your eyes — because everything cast at you, inside and out, may not be worthy of belief.

Vivaty: Just when you thought social media had peaked

Yeah, Facebook fatigue and MySpace malaise are setting in, but Vivaty may breathe fresh life into social media hubs yet. NYT reports Vivaty is bringing those artificial three-dimensional landscapes that your 20-year-old friends get lost in to the Facebooks of the world. The development is interesting because, unlike Second Life or other 3D games:

+ This simulated 3D environment works in any web browser
+ Vivaty is compatible with Facebook pages
+ Like photos and videos that people resnag and post on web sites everywhere, you can put up a Vivaty window on your own site or blog
+ Vivaty plans to make money by selling the service to corporate web sites, so companies can set up their own virtual worlds

This clever little business model has just turned the big game makers on their heads, and gives marketers a new tool for engaging users. Now, instead of having to download software and join one portal to artificial reality, you can pop a window to the fake virtual future almost anywhere.