McDonald’s Sarah Palin moment

McDonald’s slams Starbucks in a new series of TV spots that American Public Media’s Marketplace calls an outright Sarah Palin moment. Tired of being intellectual, listening to sappy music, wearing a goatee and funky glasses? Well, Middle America, you don’t have to put up with that faux-hip-snobbery at Starbucks any more — you can get damned good coffee at the Golden Arches.

The timing is brilliant, if fortuitous. Marketplace noted these spots must have been in production long before Palin hit the GOP ticket. But the vibe is the same.

That’s right, coffee-swilling intellectuals. Your gig is up. Now let’s get some Joe then go a-huntin’.

5 thoughts on “McDonald’s Sarah Palin moment

  1. I hate to call anything associated with Sarah Palin clever or on the mark, but I will concede this is an effective ad. 🙂

  2. I’ve never understood the hate for Starbucks. They started out all countercultural in Seattle, and even though they’re worldwide now, they still do good things like health benefits for employees.

    Still, good commercial.

  3. Killer ad. My Starbucks is filled with unemployed 50 somethings, on their laptops, out of the house, and out of the spouses hair.

    Not too hip.

  4. There was a dunkin doughnut TVC on when I was your side of the world earlier in the year that was also making fun of starbucks and their faux italian-french-ness “mumbo jumbo”…Europeans – can’t trust ’em
    (is it sad I know this and that I spend my evenings when in the states watching television…)

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