Democrats are brandjacked on Twitter

The image above shows 2.5 million missed opportunities.

That’s the number of Twitter users the U.S. Democratic party conceivably won’t be able to communicate to tonight, because the DNC failed to secure its Twitter moniker ( Now, tonight with Obama talking in front of all of Colorado in a stadium, with a young demo trying to tune in with multimedia, the DNC is hamstrung by a clever Twitter squatter. The RNC has no such trouble, and we’re sure they’ll be lobbing lots of chatter. We signed up to follow @RNC today because we know, whether we agree or not, the Twitter feed will be riveting.

Don’t laugh; your business is next. Most businesses don’t have a plan for monitoring, or using, emerging media. Just as smart brands look for competitors with similar products on the horizon, smart marketers need to follow new channels and jump in … before you lose the chance.

One thought on “Democrats are brandjacked on Twitter

  1. Good advice, but I’m not sure the Twitter feed that’s blocked is the “official” DNC Twitter link.
    Here is the information from the Official DNC Convention website on how to get Twits from them:

    Twitter-text messages

    Twitter is a text messaging service. Think of it like an electronic messaging board on your cell phone for you, your friends and organizations like the DNCC. The DNCC will send text messages to our group with up to the minute information about the Convention. When we launch a new program, need community participation or have something important to say, we’ll send out a short message.

    To join the DNCC Twitter group, text JOIN to 40404. Follow the instructions and then text FOLLOW DEMCONVENTION to 40404.

    In any event, the Obama campaign Twitter feed appears to be working fine.

    Rick Hancock

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