Sexuality and death: What to expect this fall shopping season

So you’re going about your way and an ad with sexy wrestling women catches your eye. Why?

Psychologist Carl Jung suggested that humans seek fulfillment across several common stages of life — courtship, parenting, preparing for death. The world is confusing along the way, so we fall back subconsciously onto “archetypes” — deep-rooted themes that help us understand the information around us. There are event archetypes, such as birth and death; role archetypes, such as father, child, hero, trickster; and broader themes such as the Apocalypse.

Which brings us to sex and violence. The reason so much advertising titillates is more than lust (most women consumers won’t long after the models in the above ad) or fear (we get that the fighting is staged). Instead, images of courtship/sex/mating/death resonate with the most compelling archetypes in our psychology. If you think honestly about your own life, the most powerful memories you retain belong to the first heavy date, the conception of a child, the first time you felt the vertigo of love, the phone call telling you your dad has died.

If sex is more than an itch, but instead signals archetypes tied to survival, then sensuality provokes response. If death is our inevitable end game, then violence resonates deeply.

All of which explains why women in this French Connection spot try to kill and kiss each other.

Via Yves Van Landeghem.

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