Using creative to screen your audience

Every organization has to deal with “bad prospects” — people interested in your services who, as much as you’d like to help, are wildly unprofitable. This sounds unkind for those who don’t work in marketing, but think about it: You can’t invite the world in to eat at your dinner table; you’d run out of food. In any population there are some people who cost too much to serve.

Marketers have two basic tricks to avoid the wrong audience: Target media to avoid them, or use creative to screen them.

Career Junction pulls off a “creative screening” with this clever print graphic. The idea is simple — the future analytical, business-minded Edward Tuftes of the world will find the humor in this chart, slow down, and respond to Career Junction with their resume … while people who aren’t business types will turn the page in boredom.

This use of mild complexity to attract the right eyeballs is brilliant. Hat tip to Nirmal Diwadkar and Abraham Varughese of TBWARAAD Middle East, Dubai, UAE. Feel free to send us your bios 🙂

Via Ads of the World.

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