Obama’s anti-anti-message web site

We hate to replay a blog post from Darryl Ohrt at Plaid, because he’s a much wittier writer than us, but his take on Barack Obama’s new microsite FighttheSmears.com is intriguing. Obama has launched a one-stop shop to counter every negative attack from his opponents. Imagine the collective weight of this a few months from now, when hundreds of “smears” are tallied, and how that becomes an anti-position for John McCain.

Whatever your politics, the idea of using a microsite to gather all the negativity about your brand and then respond like a boomerang is brilliant. Even if something really true and nasty comes up, who will believe it if the prior 300 accusations are false?

PS Someone is about to launch www.stopthesmears.com. Welcome to the ping-pong match of politics.

Via Make the Logo and Brandflakes.

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