Honey, call home and set the light bulbs to blue

We’ll miss you, Mr. Edison.

Old light bulbs are going out, because they use way too much juice. Home lighting eats up about 20-25% of a typical home’s electric bill, and environmental advocates and Wal-Mart are pushing new, more efficient lighting.

Yet you know those new energy-efficient fluorescents Al Gore wants you to buy are, well, a little cold. Kind of like having a mini-operating table lamp casting sterile blue-white rays over your kitchen. Sometimes the new fluorescents flicker and shudder. Ouch.

Now, NYT says the next generation of home lighting is coming, L.E.D.’s that — like a TV screen — can emit any color of the rainbow. They’re digital, they’re wired, and you can call home to reset the colors.

Imagine turning up the mood-blue lighting, or switching to yellow for sunlight warmth, or kicking back in a dark-red glow for the glass of wine on a Friday night. The future is coming. The bulbs use just a trickle of electricity. Too bad the bulbs still cost about $90 and you have to fly to Europe to get the coolest, but we hear the price and supplies are moving our way.

Philips shows off the possibilities here.

2 thoughts on “Honey, call home and set the light bulbs to blue

  1. Very cool, but just a small thought gadget myself— sometimes being environmental means having to put up with a small flicker and shudder. Maybe one or two sacrifices like that is what will allow us to still have a planet until the really cool LEDs get here from Great Britain :)!

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