ObamaHillary.com: No takers?

The Internet 2.0 bubble is cresting. We can tell, because cyber-squatter Don Bowman is ending a five-day auction of the sweet URL www.obamahillary.com tonight. Entry bid is only $5,000. And with less than two hours left, there are no takers.

Cyber-squatting, as you recall, was hot back in 1998 right before Nasdaq went off a cliff into jagged rocks above shark-infested waters. People snatched up whacky dot-com names, hoping to resell the addresses for millions, on their way to investor meetings with PowerPoints about their unique CRM software solutions. (“Our spreadsheet will manage customer relationships!“) Fast forward to this month, June 2008, and a new URL designation called dot-me (as in www.believe.me, www.marry.me, you get the idea) is attracting more bids at domain registration sites such as godaddy.com.

Good luck with all that. If people won’t bet $5k that www.obamahillary.com is worth something, the bubble is over. Or … hmm … perhaps the wisdom of crowds is thinking there is no way Obama will take her on as VP.

(If you want to jump in, cruise to eBay by 12 midnight EST tonight.)

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