Global warming and the politics of advertising

Ever wonder if Obama or McCain would be better at selling your product?

In 2008 it’s worth considering politics in your advertising strategy. For example, a recent Pew study found that there is a huge split among Americans who believe in global warming, right down party lines: 84% of Democrats think the planet is cooking vs. 74% of independents and 49% of Republicans.

We’re not saying who’s right or wrong (after all, what do 649,000 years of carbon dioxide-temperature correlations really tell you?). The point for marketers is your own product or service may create splits among party lines, especially if your brand is divisive among liberals and conservatives.

Do you sell oil? Energy? Meat? Automobiles? Education? Theater? Adjusting your ad media not only for demographics, but for political views within those demos and the geographic locations of the most receptive, may make sense.

Graph: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

One thought on “Global warming and the politics of advertising

  1. Also, the rate at which your message can spread, even under ideal conditions, may vary depending on which political affiliation you’re advertising to the most.

    In his book Linked (which I just happen to be reading right now), Albert-Laszio Barabasi talks about how, for example, the pro-life movement is actually much tighter (in terms of the degree to which members of the network have other things in common with one another) than the pro-choice movement.

    Which means that, if you’re selling, say, birth control, you may have a whole other type of scaling to consider when planning your media.

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