Prison rodeo smackdown

One way that social media has turned traditional communications upside down is that individual people, not media properties, have become the “brands” for news dissemination. Vincent Maling gives us a Hemingway-esque report on human rights abuses at prison rodeos:

“The bull effortlessly throws most of them over its shoulders, goring the unlucky ones in the process. In the end, it’s a more direct approach that wins the day: one inmate manages to snatch the chit after leaping onto the bull’s head. He’s jettisoned into the air, but that’s a small price to pay for the “glory” that is his victory.

The whole thing feels like an inbred, country-fried version of Spartacus. The winner of the final game even tosses his hard-earned chit up to the prison warden, who sits in a special box overlooking the whole violent spectacle alongside his wife and daughter.”

When you find a good blog, such as Michelle Mart’s Media Artist where Vincent guest-wrote the rodeo post, you return again and again to see what you will find. Rodeo abuse is a topic we never would have dreamed of, and perhaps never found given the “objectivity” of traditional media, without the opinions and personal news accounts of blogging.

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