Good Sony. Bad Sony.

We’re really not digging the Sony Foam City ad. We won’t show it here, because it’s boring, and will just summarize that there is lots of gray gooey foam floating around streets until finally the camera cuts to Sony products. Yeah.

Instead, let’s rewind three years to review the sheer-genius original Sony spot by Danish director Nicolai Fuglsig, in which he bounced 250,000 tiny colored balls down the streets of San Francisco. That Sony spot won universal praise due to the incredible imagery and slow build. It feels like you’re watching a child being born.

At 16 seconds, we see more than one ball bouncing. At 1:21 the growing tide strands a dog; at 1:41 a frog leaps for his life, and by 2 minutes the colors merge into a perfect metaphor for modern TV. The music by José González didn’t hurt, either.

The foam ad, by comparison, gives the story away in 5 seconds, and then bores us with more foam, floating, floating, for 55 seconds more.

It’s the difference between tickling and snoring. Good Sony. Bad Sony.

(Fallon London, the agency behind both spots, did pull off another nice version with stop-motion plasticine bunnies in NYC last year. Can’t wait to see what they do with Gummi bears.)

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