Keep it simple

We worked on several projects this week where things got really complicated. And then it got simple. After all the discussion and logic, either projects go live or they don’t; web site conversion rates go up or down; the advertising creative pulls response or fails.

Love me. Love me not.

It’s important to cover every angle in the planning phase. It’s also important, as you prepare to execute, to make a decisive, single stroke. This can create conflict in an organization where some people are brilliant at planning all the angles, and others chafe to pull the trigger. Neither are right or wrong; both are needed; the trick is making contingencies and clarity come together.

A good exercise for your next project is to whiteboard the top 10 key decisions — then look at each and ask, “what is the simplest way to make this part work?” Too few considerations, and you fail. Too many requests, and you end up with a bad logo.

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