The strange success of Carlton Draught

Sometimes creative works well by being indirect. We’re not sure why this off-topic ~2006 spot for Carlton Draught grabs attention while the Coldwell Banker spot in our prior post falls flat. Perhaps discordance in communication has to include humor to make an imprint; an image of throngs battling violently over beer strikes the funny bone while paintings of old men staring just seem boring. Perhaps beer advertising is so predictable that an unusual take wakes up the viewer.

Or perhaps Carlton nailed the demo target.

Back in 2001, Carlton Draught had only 3% of the Australian beer market. Last month it announced share was closing on 8%; Carlton attributes the growth to refocusing from blue-collar workers to a hipper, younger, larger demographic. Reading that approach into this creative, you can see the burly men and the operatic music work for both groups. Going far afield is a risk, but the Carlton spot nailed it.

One thought on “The strange success of Carlton Draught

  1. I think things that are epic always generate a bigger response, good or bad. Huge sets. Large casts. Wide-open spaces. Basically, it’s the thing traditional creative shops working in TV excel at—

    :30 seconds of epic.

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