Learning to speak

This is a little deep, and only vaguely related to advertising, but you’ve been good and can handle it. Here goes. Does communications have to have a point? Think back, way back, to being a child, no, a toddler, maybe 18 months, just before language and words structured your thoughts and you just toddled outside to see the blue sky and green grass and smelled the world in all your toddle-toddlehood. We all learned to intake information not with logic or words … but sound, images, colors, aromas, sparks, feelings. That’s easy to forget in traffic or meetings or The New York Times.

Watch a few seconds of this clip and try to remember. Just remember. Then go back to your Excel and Twitter, suffer words and numbers, and sling those arrows into PowerPoint.

Ah, we can never go back.

Tx Make the Logo.

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