Giving thanks at Mediassociates

This year we’re thankful to have met some of the most inspirational people ever. Scott, who changed our life forever with one conversation over a beer. Charlie, who is a walking wikipedia of media planning and who we can never, ever beat into the office. Christy, who can actually make print work. Darryl, the interactive genius and punk rock star. Giuli, who inspires us to lose 20 pounds in 2008, run a half marathon, and drop cash on silly Nike web technology. Chris, who can dial into the vast realms of broadcast and pull out incredible national campaigns. Rocky, who chews our shoes while we type. Tom, who taught us what we really do and don’t want to do in life. Pierre, who’s probably forgotten us, but made us realize the need to be in the right place tomorrow, not today.

Which brings up the nature of teams. We work with family, colleagues, partners, clients, vendors, and outlets. Sometimes there is friction, sometimes misunderstandings. But when it works, there is a mutual value exchange where everyone walks away with something better. We’re not sure where the line of demarcation is between us and them, our team and yours. In 2008, we plan to move that line out ever farther.

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