Saving the Earth, one candy bar at a time

NPR gives us hope today that there is something we can do to save the planet from carbon-gloomed warming … eat more chocolate. Joao Tavares, the cocoa farmer above, has figured out how to grow chocolate under the canopy of old rain forests, making money while preserving giant trees that absorb carbon emissions.

With the U.N. issuing its most dire report on the Earth’s future Saturday, this week will be a case study in how different media and political outlets respond. The NY Times trumpeted the U.N. report in a headline Saturday. WSJ buries the news on A4 today under the obscure headline, “Setting New Carbon Standards,” but with an interesting take on a hard question, who will pay to clean up the planet? WSJ’s editorial board is silent on the issue, which we bet means they’re cranking away to unleash a real humdinger tomorrow. Greenpeace misses the boat, failing to update its web site or press releases and instead gives us old critiques on the whaling industry and Exxon. Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth blog shows the looming disaster of not keeping a blog current, pitching the DVD with an old post from September 15, 2006. Geez, Al, whatever our politics, aren’t you missing an opportunity here?

Whatever. Maybe sea levels really won’t rise 40 feet, because we’re going to eat more chocolate.

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