Global warming’s 6 degrees of separation

Republicans and Democrats, put down your spears and consider this: Today the U.N. panel on climate change released its most dire report on the impact of carbon emissions, predicting a 6 degree increase in average world temperatures by 2030. Al Gore in his Nobel Opus documentary claimed ocean levels might rise 20 feet; this report says 40, enough to drown 2037 Manhattan like 2005 New Orleans.

It doesn’t matter if this prediction is right or wrong, or if it affronts or validates your personal beliefs, or how clever the WSJ editorial board will be in its retort Monday morning. What you better believe is that marketers around the world are jumping on the green bandwagon as consumers begin to really worry about the future due to melting ice caps. Green messaging will be here to stay. We’ve written before about brilliant campaigns to rebrand companies, such as BP’s beyond petroleum mission. Global warming may make us slightly warmer or destroy the planet. We don’t know. But the idea of it is equivalent to disruptive technology. Marketers ignore this idea at their peril, because competitors are repositioning “green” as you pause.

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