Murdoch, smitten with media love, chases NY Times

Rupert, we love you man. First you hang with Yale MBAs like this, and then you buy the Wall Street Journal, causing the media world to shiver and quiver. Now, the world is not enough. You want to take down The New York Times. We hear you’re pointing the new children’s-pint-size edition of WSJ straight at Sulzberger’s throat by building an alternative national paper. You’re increasing WSJ staff in Washington, pumping up political coverage, and–rumor has it–will stop forcing business readers to pay for the online edition. This could sweep readers away from the Times and into WSJ arms. Get more readers, and maybe you can add back that inch you ripped off the paper’s format! Print may survive after all! No wonder she likes you. You’re a tiger!

P.S. You’ll get even more readers if you don’t bury news such as Gore winning the Nobel Peace Prize deep on page 5.

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