Biomed scientists target themselves

Health care professionals, biomed scientists, grad students and other brainy types have a hard time keeping abreast of the 16,000 new science publications indexed by PubMed every single week. The internet, crowded with commerce and YouTube, makes it hard to sift through the abstracts and papers. How to keep up?

SciVee has launched a brainiac site with the science class version of YouTube: researchers post video introductions with the text of their papers, users easily find digestable content, and the web community (one hopes) makes the most brilliant research float to the top. SciVee was thought up by Philip Bourne, prof at University of California at San Diego, with NSF seed funds and major wattage from the UCSD Supercomputer Center. No word yet on how or if advertisers can crack in to this sweet audience, but we’re sure they’re trying.

If you want to know how Arabic medical texts addressed pericardial pathology 900 years ago, SciVee is your thing.

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