Slip sliding away — in a hot Audi

Audi fans, follow this bouncing ball. Magna Global releases a study showing TV commercial ratings are dropping off a cliff in homes with DVRs. It gets bad. Real bad. Apparently commercial ratings are 39 percent lower than program ratings in houses with those black boxes that record and play back TV. And when only playback periods are measured, commercial ratings fall to 64 percent lower.

This means (a) people are skipping TV commercials, (b) advertisers need HeadOn! topical headache medicine, and (c) Audi is fighting back! Audi released two kindacool commercials that are sped up, with the idea you have to slow them down with your DVR remote to fully enjoy them.

And then the story gets strange. Perhaps worried most consumers can barely find the remote, Audi released the clip above on YouTube to explain how to slow down commercials with your DVR remote.

OK, we know 1 in 5 homes has a DVR and this commercial-skipping thing is going to get worse. But sending your customers to the web to YouTube to find your instruction video to get instructions to record your commercial on a DVR and then use the remote at a later date to stop, rewind, and slow down the commercial is giving me a headache. Methinks an ad agency somewhere thinks too much. HeadOn! HeadOn!

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