Heineken’s curvaceous hugs

There are so many things that could have gone wrong with this display of sex in advertising, and yet it all went so sweetly right. Heineken celebrated getting 1 million “Likes” on Facebook by sending several voluptuous women out to Amsterdam bars to hug any guy caught drinking their beer. The emotions on the men’s faces are wonderful: surprise, embarrassment, chagrin, regret (sorry, to the dude who ordered red wine), friendship, and the soundtrack Love’s Sneakin’ Up by Tim Garland provides just the right tone.

The vid has only 56k hits on YouTube after eight days, so perhaps the execution is too subtle to go viral. Still, we’re thirsty now, aren’t we?

Via Angela Natividad.

Ben Kunz is vice president of strategic planning at Mediassociates, an advertising media planning and buying agency, and co-founder of its digital trading desk eEffective.

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