The future of Playboy Bunnies with your brand tattoo

Forgive us for showing you German Playboy Bunnies preparing for a shower while having pillow fights, but there’s important news here: video alteration, baby.

You see the “Lockermann” tattoos on those ladies’ hips and breasts (yes, safe for work)? Or the guy in the photo on the woman’s necklace locket? They don’t exist. They were digitally inserted post-production, similar to the yellow lines on football fields or the faked billboards glowing behind the batter in baseball broadcasts. The seamless alteration of video has arrived, with a level of 3-D accuracy and speed which could revolutionize advertising.

We know this because we got a call today from a contact who is about to launch such a service in the U.S., and details are under wraps, so let’s game out the scenarios as a series of questions: Who would spend money to insert images or messages in a new way inside video? (Advertisers). Who has had problems monetizing first the Internet and now mobile video formats? (Advertisers.) Who loves new forms of intrusion that spur real impressions on the frontal lobe? (Advertisers.) And what form of media is expected to grow exponentially in the next few decades as consumers and organizations get cheaper, faster content production? (Video.)

So if you connect the dots, you can see an enormous market for the manipulation of moving images as video reality becomes whatever advertisers want it to be. The question is, will consumers rebel if what they want to see as supposed recordings of reality change into what marketers want them to see? What will be the right balance?

2 thoughts on “The future of Playboy Bunnies with your brand tattoo

  1. Had no clue there was a German Playboy, love this blog!

    I just did some basic overlays in Final Cut this week. Altering posters in the background of scenes for my own personal gain. Seamless and fun.

    Also note, video games have been doing this for awhile now. My son has an old 007 game he never plays, his mom discovered it under the couch a few weeks ago (perhaps that’s why he doesn’t play it). He gets excited to relive past victories, inserts disc into xbox, which prompts him to update the game or it wont play. Then BOOM, his old game under the couch is served up with fresh ads for NBC’s The Event and Chase (on subway posters within game play). Kind of freaked us out since we bought the game a few years before those shows even existed. It was a LOST moment (never forget, we must go back).

    Anyway, thanks again for *turning me on* to German Playboy. I will NOT be hiding them under the couch.

  2. When I was in my previous job at a TV company, we spoke to MirriAd about inserting marketing messages in post-production – ranging from logos on previously blank mugs to certain brands of car driving in the background. A fascinating growth area (regulation permitting)

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