Toyota spills social media to build target list

Clever. Toyota has released an iPhone app and microsite encouraging you to “drive with a glass of water,” in this case a virtual glass inside your phone that will spill water based on how aggressively you gas your car. At face value it encourages consumers to learn to drive more cautiously to save up to 10% of their fuel consumption. The app also self-identifies any consumers who are worried about efficient transportation, dare we say for future non-social-media targeting with ads for Priuses? Run the app, and Toyota now has your phone number; the company can do a reverse append to get your mailing address, and is potentially collecting data on how far and fast you drive. Next week, check your mail.

What we like about this campaign is it combines the fleeting interest of social media and mobile apps — where most apps become unused after 48 hours — with a hook that tags potential customers for future remarketing elsewhere. If that sounds Orwellian, please don’t buy anything at retail stores, because they’ve been reusing your data for nearly a century.

Via Branislav Peric.

One thought on “Toyota spills social media to build target list

  1. The true beauty, they’re all AT&T customers, a group that’s had to learn to deal with bad service. Read: should be easy to please.

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