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Videos in magazines? Angela Natividad notes that French publication Enjeux les Echos recently included video ads for Citroën DS3’s “Anti Retro” campaign, even with a little plug on the inside page so you can download the files to a laptop. The technology to insert disposable video into magazines, brochures or direct mail has been around for a while and is costly — typically $10.00 or more per unit, which works out to a $10,000 CPM, about 300 times that of a normal color ad in a marquee pub.

We’re entering an age of gimmickry as print publishers try to defend their old pulp-based models, which while dying still drive far more ad dollars per eyeball than web equivalents. Toss in the iPad, which conceivably could make anyone a publisher of book-quality material, and the old guards of text may soon die. Until then, enjoy the show.

One thought on “Film at page 11

  1. You made me wipe away a tear.

    In defense of this gimmick, however, my parents do their part to keep the chipmen in business: twice a year I get a card with audiovisual or playback technology inside, mostly of my sisters screaming.

    May not hold for the glossies, but boy is it rakin’ it in for Carlton Cards or whoever it is that punts these things. And I suppose a $10,000 CPM, in the minds of some, is worth paying compared to the tiresome idea of having to hire a, sigh, investigative journalist for premium content.

    *kills a small mammal*

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