No, your video won’t go viral

Mike Arauz and Bud Caddell spoke at SXSW on why most online videos fail to scale, and engaged their audience in a “Web Video Thunderdome” to debate why. They suggest: Be brief. Be odd. Be funny. Be random. Try repeatedly. And recognize that even if you get all that right, in the online sea of wavering interest, you’ll still likely get only 100 hits.

Via Marci Ikeler.

2 thoughts on “No, your video won’t go viral

  1. I see statistics like the one’s above, Ben, and then have to reconcile it with news like what Bob Hoffman reported on his blog here:

    The only thing different between the past and now is the ratio of noise. Early adopters got noticed, but now we’re back to the 15 minutes of fame model, despite the increase in video choice. Which is why TV isn’t dying, but still (somewhat) thriving.

    We as people dearly love to centralize our adoration on a few key points of interest. Probably because it’s the only way we can manage the onslaught of information.

    All this to say there are no more free rides. Those thinking to use the YouTube as a cheap way to get exposure are taking risky shortcuts. It’s become akin to setting up a play in Times Square and hoping the local news crew shows up to film it.

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  2. Do you have a chance of going viral? Probably no.

    Do you have a chance at getting one hell of a lot of people to look at your piece of content if you seed it correctly? Absolutely.

    This is my area of expertise. Would love to talk more about it Ben via email.

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