Google, sex, Utah and chocolate. We’re not making this up.

If you haven’t toyed with Google Insights for Search yet, get going. It’s Google Trends on steroids, allowing you to glean from global search information which regional markets are most interested in your products at which times of the year. There were more than 137 billion searches on the five major U.S. search engines in 2008, making Google a tremendous free database of market interest in products.

Take lingerie. Did you know that the highest concentration of interest in diaphanous negligees is in Utah? Or that the most frequently searched terms revolve around “plus” sizes? A savvy marketer, thinking of how to attract this larger friskier audience, might dream up a chocolate promotion. Google Insights then reveals the highest search volume for chocolate is in the month of December.

And voilĂ ! You target a Christmas holiday promotion for nightgowns in Utah that, rather than 50% off price, offers a free gift of chocolate to every online buyer. And instead of Victoria’s Secret super-thin models, you load your web site with images of real women in larger sizes.

Google Insights is worth playing with for your business. Godiva, call us.

One thought on “Google, sex, Utah and chocolate. We’re not making this up.

  1. Brilliant! Thanks for introducing me to this new tool – I hadn’t used it yet, but your insights make it seem invaluable for marketers. Google has access to great information, and Google Insights is sure to make coming up with creative campaigns just a bit easier!

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