Anatomy of a link-spammer

This is Surely a reputable company, and we’re certain it had no intention of hiring an SEO consultant to build fake links in blogs such as our own pointing back to its site, trying to trick Google into elevating its position in Google search results. Any such occurrence must be a coincidence. Really. I mean, geez, lying in print is almost criminal, and who would do that?

Now, this below is a link spammer, commenting on our blog, with a link embedded in the “Nike” name going back to

Nice tone, appealing to our ego. You know, the type of comment we might leave there forever, with a link … pointing to FinalFootwear. And so is this:

We’re sure it’s an honest mistake, FinalFootwear, and these comments are totally unaffiliated with you. After all, if word got out you were trying to mislead people to find your site, people wouldn’t want to shop at FinalFootwear, would they? Instead, they’d think you were a bottom feeder in the marketing universe polluting the Internet with lies, and word might get around that it’s risky to shop at such a disreputable company. That would be too bad, wouldn’t it?

And just to show we don’t think you’d do such a dishonest thing, we’ve even included a link to your site in our lede. So you’d notice. And let’s be clear with your lawyers, we ABSOLUTELY are casting no judgment or making any claim that you would conduct misleading behavior in web links to get people to your site. Really. We’re NOT saying that at all. We’re just happy that people named Nike and Timberland happen to like our blog, and they’re welcome to link back to your shoe site whenever they want. Cheers.

One thought on “ Anatomy of a link-spammer

  1. I unfortunately don’t share Ben’s respect for lawyers. FinalFootwear spam has hit a ton of Blogger blogs today.

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