Pandoracars and tigers and bears, oh my

Want a signal that the broadcasting world may soon face the troubles newspapers do today? (Um, that’s losing audiences and advertisers.) The Wall Street Journal reports:

“Pandora Inc. has struck a deal with electronics maker Pioneer Corp. that promises to make it easier for drivers to listen to its personalized radio service in cars—bringing Internet radio one step closer to snagging a built-in spot on dashboards. The development represents a direct challenge to broadcasters of satellite and traditional radio, who have long dreaded the arrival of Internet radio in cars.”

Apparently it works like this: If you have an iPhone that receives the free Pandora music streaming service, a $1,200 auto navigation gizmo will detect the settings and pipe the music into your car. That’s a lot of dough for “free” music, but expect the prices to fall (GPS systems once cost hundreds of dollars and now are $99 from dedicated device-makers or free from Google). What happens to the world of advertising-backed radio when you can stream any songs via an interweb for free? Um. Trouble.

Image: Valentina Photography. WSJ story behind the Murdoch paywall here.

One thought on “Pandoracars and tigers and bears, oh my

  1. This is the greatest news ever. Never heard a radio spot I could tolerate, other than on an award show reel. Looks like we’ll have to tolerate even more talk radio.

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