Windows 7 party was so bad, you linked to it. Suckas.

This is complicated so pay close attention. Microsoft just gamed you, bloggers. Yes, Redmond distributed a video that comically showed nerds hosting a “Windows 7 Launch Party.” And like fish snapping to the bait, bloggers began reposting the video while laughing at it, saying Windows 7 was uncool. Windows 7. Windows 7. And the links spread. The bad Windows 7 viral went viral. Microsoft was uncool, out of touch, with Windows 7. Windows 7. Within weeks the video scored 638,000 views on YouTube, mostly among the influential tech set. NPR picked up the story. And millions of Americans are now thinking about Windows 7.

Microsoft knows there is no ad placement better than the one that creates scandal. Windows 7. Very. Well. Played.

2 thoughts on “Windows 7 party was so bad, you linked to it. Suckas.

  1. “Bloggers get pwned. Microsoft wins again.”

    Anything bad will be linked to. That’s one component of what makes viral, viral. They could put out cute baby videos and people would link to it.

    “Our video is so bad you linked to it” is not exactly a position I’d be proud of.

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