Seth Godin makes a portal play for social media

Today there are at least 60 paid systems and 34 free tools to listen in on social media. Radian6, Techrigy/Alterian, Icerocket, ScoutLabs, even Google offer ways to track blogs, tweets and videos about your brand. Picking the right tools to manage all this is enough to scare any marketing director.

So Seth Godin has an idea — why not build a simple web portal for your brand that collects the top online chatter about your business, and gives you a forum to respond? And better yet, why not pay Seth Godin $400 a month to manage it? Godin has launched Brands in Public, a simplified view of consumer conversations about you, and an easy way for you to respond when crisis hits. The only challenge we see is how to get consumers to visit your Godin page to check responses; Godin says he is running the equivalent of $500,000 in house ads across the broader Squidoo network to promote it, but good luck with that. Still … it’s intriguing that Godin has made the dashboards public. If you are curious about any brand’s buzz in social media, you can hit the Brands in Public for a free peek. Heck, don’t tell Seth, but you could even use it for competitive research.

Want to look yourself? Here’s how Trader Joe’s is using it.

Image: Mare Bowe

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