And the Oscar for best stroll goes to…

AdFreak tells us this 6+ minute spot for Johnnie Walker was shot in a single uninterrupted take, making actor Robert Carlyle a genius of oratorical timing. Plus the man has a wee bit of endurance. Carlyle narrates the history of a Scotch whiskey, from its 1820 birth in a grocery store to the iconic, slightly devilish Striding Man logo in 1908 that foretold a century of theories about subliminal messaging in advertising. OK, that last bit was our own riff.

And now we get a guy walking in dry highlands showing that growing consumer comfort with web video may bring back the long form. Walking and walking. Johnnie, we feel thirsty.

Update: This ad is by BBH London, who apparently took the spot down from YouTube claiming a copyright violation. So we found another copy elsewhere. BBH, don’t you like to share on social media?

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