ThisMoment solves a social media problem: The slippery stream

Dirk and Darryl are riffing about, the latest ho-hum attempt at a new social network — but wait. Could ThisMoment be on to something?

Yes. The problem with most social networks or blogs, like this one, is there is no good way to hold on to content. New posts push down old posts. Today’s tweet is lost in tomorrow’s stream. We mean, jeez, we had a brilliant idea once for a 48-hour work day and no one has rallied, since the post is now buried below. ThisMoment puts the breaks on this slipperiness of social communication with a colorful bookmark in time. If your son graduates or you go crazy at a backyard barbecue, now you have a “moment” to bookmark all the photos and comments around that event — and you can invite others to also add to, and latch on to, that specific instance in time.

It’s a nice idea. Now your embarrassing events can be found forever.

One thought on “ThisMoment solves a social media problem: The slippery stream

  1. I’m not sure this models changes the problem all that much. What happens a year down the road after you have saved 57 moments?

    Maybe most people will only create super-special moments so they’ll only have a handful to sort through. But I suspect that if this gains any real traction, it will become Facebook-like with people having piles of moments like “At Target Today; got every thing on my list”.

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