Why we’ll miss Dos Equis’ dos demos

In summer 2007 Euro RSCG/New York launched the most original beer spots we’ve seen in a decade: “The Most Interesting Man in the World” for Dos Equis. Now the spots are likely nearing the end of their flight, which would be sad, since they brilliantly resonate among two very different demos.

The protagonist is a Hemingwayesque man of all men, shown in flashbacks as a thirtysomething with black beard benchpressing women in short skirts or waking up a party simply by walking into it. The spots flash-forward to present, with the older, wiser, silvered father figure saying he doesn’t always drink beer, “but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis.”

We admit, the commercials stir something in us, which shows how easy it is for any guy to slip into the target demos. Thirty- and forty-something men aspiring for something more exotic or senior men in retirement longing for a bit of adventure can all see something uplifting here. Sure, it’s just a beer. But who doesn’t want to be questioned by the police just because they find you interesting?

7 thoughts on “Why we’ll miss Dos Equis’ dos demos

  1. I agree with you, Ben. I’m not a huge fan of Dos Equis — I’ll drink it at a party in preference to the American lite beers, but that’s about it — but I do love the commercials.

    I think they pluck some of the same strings as the Canadian Club print ads a la “Your Dad Was Not a Metrosexual” — appealing to an older standard of manliness. (Chris Brogan has talked about those C.C. ads well.)

  2. Tim, exactly. The CC dad thing hits a chord, and is an interesting example of a brand trying to move down to a younger demo. Another great campaign focused on the customer aura and not the product attributes.

  3. where’s the basis for your “Now the spots are likely nearing the end of their flight” claim?


  4. Anonymous: My “near the end” was just a wild guess. It has been two years and TV spots tend to get dusty. I caught the Dos Equis thing on cable about a month ago and haven’t seen it since — which makes me think the frequency is down and they’re winding up the campaign with a little pulsing.

    The spot also doesn’t seem as tied to the brand as some other icons (Geicko gecko, Aflac duck), which still are everywhere.

    Could be wrong. Maybe it will go forever. Here’s rooting for the most interesting man…

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