TV is still king

Oh, internet hyperbole, it’s so tempting to believe you’re the big thing. But a new Nielsen study reports that Americans still use TV more than any other media. The average U.S. citizen spends 5 hours and 9 minutes a day in front of the live television, and 8.5 hours total in front of all screens including cell phones and GPS devices.

Younger demos skew toward newer “screen media” — adults 25-34 watch only 3.5 hours of live TV a day, vs. 5.5 minutes of internet video and a boatload on mobile. The real trend to watch, though, is the growing multitasking among almost every age group — in which consumers watch TV as background ambiance while working on computers or texting on mobile devices.

TV is still king. The question is whether consumers, in their new multitasking modality, are paying attention.

Photo: Jmsuarez

2 thoughts on “TV is still king

  1. Is this watching broadcast, cable, DVD, video games, surfing a set-top box, pay-per-view, netflix streaming service, windows media center, Apple TV, DVR programs or what? 😛

    Amount of time in front of a device tells me nothing anymore. And I think that’s the real story of digital’s rise. These ad networks have a better idea — reach across content choices and be wherever your target audience is.

    Admittedly, digital is not there yet, but you haven’t convinced me that TV still rules the roost. More like the Queen of England. A lot of attention but no power.

  2. Ben – Saw that – was wondering how accurate you thought it was, I mean given that Nielson has a vested interest in people watching more TV.

    Haven’t seen the numbers and all, so it may well be valid- thoughts?

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