NYT skimmer lets you skip the ads, yet see more ads. Here’s how.

Jason Moriber at Wise Elephant points to a new prototype interface from The New York Times which lets you rapidly skim over news content. He writes:

“It might not be pretty, but it matches the online trend of users skimming through feeds, reading over posts, grabbing the nuggets they want/need … I often say ‘react to the behavior of your market, follow what they are doing, not what they are saying.’ This new interface from The New York Times appears to be on this path.”

The new NYT skimmer format is perhaps most intriguing because it ditches the banner ads that have been encroaching on more and more of the visible real estate on the NYT home page. (See Apple monstrous ad format from last Monday.) But there’s a trick — if you click on any of the article headlines at skimmer, you land at a real NYT inside web page complete with ads. And the ads are more contextually relevant, since NYT can serve them next to the content you want to read. All in all, a nice victory for both marketers and consumers — faster access to the news you want, smaller and less-obtrusive ad formats, and the potential for ads to offer you something relevant, thus driving up response rates. We say, please NYT, keep it live. Bookmark it here.

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