Better Homes vs. a better brand name

One glaring mistake some marketers make is insisting on one brand in online communications — when consumer behavior is to pass through numerous sites related to your product or service. Here Dan Hickey of Meredith Interactive discusses why they moved away from the well-known “Better Homes & Gardens” brand to create a new microsite “pure to food and recipes.” The new site, Mixing Bowl, is still in development with Ripple 6.

Extending your brand online to carefully selected, focused consumer needs can create a hub-and-spoke system to pull awareness toward you. To put it another way, the old 1970s branding argument that your iconic name must be focused to grab a “position” in people’s minds no longer works, when consumers search through millions of sites looking for specific answers. People want what they want. Let them find it first, and then they may come find you.

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