gives new writers a lift

Writing fiction is a dark and unfathomable business; success is almost random, given the odds of a major publisher casting marketing dollars behind your little novel. In 1995 Joanne Rowling submitted a typed manuscript to 12 publishers and each rejected it. Rowling finally had a stroke of luck when Alice Newton, the 8-year-old daughter of the chairman of Bloomsbury publishing house in London, happened upon the first chapter, loved it, and demanded that her father give her the next. Bloomsbury eventually published Harry Potter — but in turn demanded Joanne use the initials “J.K.,” fearing young boys wouldn’t want to read a book written by a girl. now offers a simpler solution to writers who want to get noticed — if you pen fiction, simply email 3,000 words or less to the site, they’ll produce it in an e-book, and you can sell copies to your friends for $4.95. The site offers small cash prizes for the books liked most by fans, and a starting point if you want to spread the word about your brilliant plot of a young unloved boy who was almost killed years ago by an evil boss and wakes up to discover he is being groomed to cast magical marketing spells in an underground world of advertising social influencers. Oh wait. That’s us.

Image: Allan Grainger.

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