Plaid: Yes, lawyers, there is no Santa Claus

Scott Monty over at Ford shared a laugh. A leader at another organization called a lawyer. Which business would you rather brag about?

Our final holiday story revolves around Plaid, a Connecticut brand shop that created a mock video for Christmas in which you can insert anyone’s name into a “news report” that they’re having, ahem, scandalous intimacy with Santa or Mrs. Claus. Completely over the top. And completely safe for work — no nudity, no vulgarity, a few uses of the word “sex” as you’d find on the evening news. When Monty got the link at Ford, he forwarded the humor on to 6,600+ people who follow his thoughts on Twitter.

Unfortunately another organization who got the link, unlike Ford, didn’t get the joke. They sent Darryl Ohrt, principal of Plaid, a nasty note hinting that the online art was defamation. (We look forward to hearing of the alleged material damages to a person’s reputation resulting from a rumor that one slept with Santa Claus.)

The real story is not about appropriateness or monitoring employees’ use of the internet … but about the brand implications on both organizations. Ford comes off like a hip company that has a bit of fun (and we’re sure Ford has plenty of lawyers, too). But this other group, well, feels as grouchy as an HR executive pricked by a physician’s needle.

Is your organization loose enough to share a laugh with employees and customers? Or is your brand heart two sizes too small?

3 thoughts on “Plaid: Yes, lawyers, there is no Santa Claus

  1. Really? Astounding that anyone failed to see the funny side.

    Plaid’s Xmas viral went truly global. At Cow on the last day before we broke up, I saw some people sending it around, not knowing that it was our friends at Plaid who were behind it. A truly inspired piece of work.

  2. You have GOT to be kidding me! I thought FedEx was a little more with it than this. I’m sensing some sort of foul-up.

    After all, this was a pretty widely recognized tactic in the Obama campaign, with a video about the one person who didn’t vote who could have made a difference. Same underlying structure/process.

    Oh well. Maybe there are still some people out there who don’t get it.

  3. Thanks, Scott. Glad you guys at Ford have a sense of humor … and recognize that a light touch in social media goes a long way 😉

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