Morgans Hotel Group’s naughty recession F bomb

Recess Is On is a microsite filled with ways for you to F the recession, and we don’t mean friend it. The Uck word is everywhere. Hipster messaging includes blogs, party invitations, snaps of celebs hanging cool, and lots of links to Morgans Hotels’ boutique-y rooms, spas and restaurants. There is even a video meant to go viral with the headline FTR. You figure it out.

We think Morgans Hotels is driving this campaign, since they appear to be the sole sponsor.

The point for marketers is that the youth culture — and today that’s everyone under 50 — is growing comfortable with profanity. By saying the F word like it is, and come on, you know that’s how you feel about the economy, Morgans Hotel Group is grabbing attention. If it really is them behind this campaign 😉

2 thoughts on “Morgans Hotel Group’s naughty recession F bomb

  1. I like it and it’s spot on for their target market – people who are probably a bit sick of hearing all the gnashing of teeth and wailing going on around them, and getting in the way of their ‘fun.’

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